Each of the Core CHRIST-like Characteristics includes ten statements. For each statement, please select the answer that best describes where you currently are, not where you think you should be or want to be.

Connected to God through the Word and Prayer

I spend time prayng for others.
I feel connected to God and am aware of His presence in my life.
I meditate on God's Word.
I sense the Holy Spirit speak to me through the Bible.
I connect with God through prayerfully reading and studying the Bible.
I am able to apply the Word to my daily life.
When I study the Bible I sense God's love for me and find myself expressing love to Him.
I practice deeply connecting with God in prayer.
When I pray I am consciously dependent on the Holy Spirit to help me pray.
I tell or teach others what I have discovered in my Bible study.

Heart of Worship

I intentionally seek to glorify God in all I do.
I eagerly look forward to worshipping with my church family each week.
When I am worshipping I sense the Holy Spirit speaking to me.
I worship throughout the week, not just on Sunday.
I evaluate a church service more by whether God received praise than by "what I got out of it".
I would describe my relationship with God as intimate and vibrant.
I attend weekly corporate worship services.
I integrate my love for God in everything I do (I love God with all my heart, soul, mind, strength).
I find myself expressing praise to God spontaneously throughout the day.
Sunday services captivate me, inspiring me to love God more.

Relates with Other-Centered Love

I share vulnerably and honestly about the struggles and fears in my life.
I intentionally choose to love others instead of waiting until I "feel" loving.
My Life Group helps me grow in my relationship with God.
I am prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray for people (and I do).
I am open to receiving positive and negative feedback from people in my life.
Leading a Life Group or mentoring another person helps me grow.
I am more focused on what I can give to others than what I can get from others.
I recognize gifts and abilities in people and encourage them to use them.
When it comes to dealing with conflict, I am quick to resolve it even if it is uncomfortable.
I am more focused on expressing love than feeling love.

Intentional Evangelism

I always have at least one person in my life who I am trying to lead to Christ.
I look for events and opportunities to invite my unbelieving friends.
I bring (or invite) people to our Sunday services.
I look for ways to serve people so I can tell them about Christ.
I say somthing about my faith to non-believing friends.
I share my faith and present the gospel to another person.
In conversations with pre-Christians, I am listening for the leading of the Holy Spirit as to what to say next.
People compliment my ability to listen well.
I feel "burdened" about the destiny of an unsaved friend.
I am prompted by the Holy Spirit to show the love of God in a practical, tangible way to pre-Christians.

Spirit-led Servant

I make decisions based on God's Word and his Holy Spirit's direction.
I consciously surrender the leadership of my life to the Holy Spirit.
I know what my spiritual gifts are, and I use them frequetnly to serve my church and community.
I sense the Holy Spirit prompting me to say or do something.
I seek to serve rather than to be served.
I am willing to give up whatever is in my life that keeps me from being closer to God.
I find significant fulfillment serving in my church.
I serve God by volunteering in my community (Food Bank, local missiions, etc.).
I live surrendered to the voice of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.
I am able to discern the difference between the Spirit and my own conscience.

Trustworthy Steward of God's Resources

I think of the possessions I have as God's not mine.
I am consciously responsible to God for how I spend my money.
I have been a good steward of what God has entrusted to me.
I see all of life as stewardship of God's resources.
I give at least 10% of my income to God through my local church.
Before I spend money beyond incidentals, I seek God about the purchase.
I give money or possessions away to people in greater need than I.
I am prompted by the Holy Spirit to give over and above my tithe.
I joyously give of my time, finances, and abilities to my church.
I have a budget and keep my finances in order.

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